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This was the first full-length release from Toronto indie-rock band CANVAS, helmed by award winning songwriter and producer Chris Graham, who set up in his home studio to write and record after his former band went their separate ways. Graham immediately got to work writing over twenty songs in a matter of a couple of weeks. Working alone for the first time in years, he took the opportunity to record himself playing all the instruments on the new tracks, tracks that would become an integral part of his entrance back into the music scene, and experimentation with new sounds.

“I’m a huge fan of larger than life rock tunes that also blend in synths and electronica, and I’ve always wanted to try to play everything for once, just because I could", he affirms. “I began writing and recording, and the songs that came out were the logical next step from what I’ve been doing the last decade. There were no preconceptions, no attempts to mimic anything. It was a straight from the gut approach, throwing everything against the wall, or the CANVAS as it were, and seeing what would stick. “

This album sound blends futuristic synths - sometimes dark, sometimes playful - danceable grooves, hooky melodies, shimmering guitars and anthemic choruses into a post-synth-rock collage. The fusing of old and new caused one listener privy to the early demos to remark that the sound was like "Electro-Springsteen" - a perfect reference point for the songs.

"There were no limits creating this music,” he finishes. “We want people to feel that when they experience it as well. There are so many different styles you can draw from nowadays, but in the end it’s about creating something memorable and redemptive - even in its darkest moments. I want to move people with this music, both physically, and emotionally" he concludes.

The 2nd single from the album, "Everything Isn't Right (For Your Heart)" was the 7th most downloaded indie-track at Canadian radio, upon release. It was also added to medium rotation on The Peak 95.3 FM in Calgary.

  •     Released: March 3rd, 2015
        Catalog #: FCR 002

    1   The Soul Who (3:31)
    2   Everything Isn't Right (3:51)
    3   In My Head (3:17)
    4   Gold (3:43)
    5   Trying (4:08)
    6   Shout It Loud (3:51)
    7   Keeping Score (3:56)
    8   Everything You Know (3:01)
    9   You Said It All (3:57)
    10   Walk Away (4:32)

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